Design Academy E-Book

The 12 Layers Of Professional Doll Clothes Design

Are you ready to design amazing doll clothes?

Why you should buy this book, (by Cinnamon Miles)…

Some people wonder how I’m able to sell my outfits for over $100 on EBay. They just can’t understand it. in my view it all comes down to effective design, and learning the principles and concepts.

I guess I was lucky, when I was eight I became incredibly focused on sewing doll clothes for my 17-inch Kimberly doll. She needed clothes, and I wanted to learn how to make her everything I saw in catalogs and magazines. I was passionate.

Luckily my mom had worked as a seamstress for a fashion label in Los Angeles. She was a terrific teacher. By coincidence my grandma had a friend who worked for Bob Mackie, my original inspiration, and she’d give me scraps of material to use for my projects. Those lucky breaks allowed me to get an amazing education in doll clothes construction and design. I’ve refined and enhanced those techniques over the years.

All these years later, I am still passionate about sewing doll clothes.

So why should you buy this ebook? The Design Academy ebook is the boiled down, systematically outlined 12-step process I learned from these gifted experts. It’s my way of passing on what I’ve learned. It’s written so that everyone can understand it – even elementary school girls. I don’t just describe each layer of design, I show you beautifully illustrated examples, based on my work, so that you can learn and apply every layer. If you want to learn how to do what I do, then this book is a great start.


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Q: What’s the difference between the e-book and the full Design Academy?

A: The e-book presents the 12 layers of design, in a chapter format, as information. There are no worksheets, fill-in-the-blanks, or exercises to complete – just an in-depth explanation of the 12 layers of design. The Design Academy course is a 1 month program, with exercises, assignments, and activities designed to help you understand and implement the 12 layers. If you want information – the e-book is for you. If you want instruction – the Design Academy is best.

Q: Is this about how to make patterns or sketch out designs?

A: No, the information in the e-book, and the Design Academy are both focused on actually creating outfits, and the elements involved in making effective outfits, not drawing or pattern making.

Q: If I buy the e-book and want to sign-up for the full Design Academy can I do it for a reduced amount?

A: Sure, the Design Academy is $79. So if you buy the e-book, and then want to join the Design Academy, we’ll just charge you the difference.

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  1. Georgette Ginex

    Hi, Cinnamon,
    I am interested in sewing and selling American doll clothes online. You remember me, I manage the Federal Way Quality Sewing. Would like to possibly do this on the side–Would taking your Design Academy be a good jumpstart? What else do you recommend that I do to get started?
    Georgette Ginex

    • cinnamon

      Hi Georgette, Sorry for the slow reply… That’s great that you’re going through the design academy! It’s a lot of fun and will definitely get you strated in the right direction. I believe that the key to being successfull in this space is to create real clothes for dolls, not just make doll clothes. :)

  2. Hi Cinnamon,
    I just got 2 Kidz n Katz dolls and after seeing them, i realize i will have to re size all my patterns. Can you recamend any sites or books to help me learn to do this right.

  3. Blandina Gauglitz

    Hi cinnamon,
    Is there a particular time daily when I take the course
    Or would it be flexible?

  4. Hi cinnaman,
    I love to collect American Girl Dolls, like love! And im always trying to make or find quality cute clothes for them, can you give me some advice for cute clothes to make?:

  5. Oh, and one ,ore thing…..
    how old do i have to be to start a possible fashion career at Libety Jane?

  6. how many pages is the 12 layers of design

  7. Hi, ugh I have some ideas for new clothes for you to sell, and I was wondering if there is any way I can contact somebody by email to tell them. By email I mean talk like I am right now

  8. Petro Botha

    Dear Jane,
    I would like to get hold of some of your patterns. My problem is that I am from South Africa. How will I go about it.
    Is there any way how you may perhaps e mail stuff to me. I received the pattern for free through my email. I do have a international account. My children is in Arizona Phoenix and I would love to make some clothes and other stuff for my grand children. Every 2 years I do visit them for 3 months. Looking after the grand children for the summer holidays. Thank you. Petro

    • jessica

      Hi! Buying a pattern is the same as getting a free one. You purchase through pay pal or google and it is sent through email

  9. Hi!I really love your clothes and I’ve always wanted to know how to sew.I watch your videos on YouTube and I’ve been on your website.Can you give me some advice on how to make awesome clothing for my dolls instead of getting the expensive american girl stuff?

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