Fall 2011

Thanks to everyone who supported our Fall 2011 line. The auctions were exciting, and the profits are being used to help train 40 zambian Seamstresses. The design work for the 2012 collection is already underway, so stay tuned.

Go Malibu High! It's the first day of school and you're ready for a terrific new year. The Sharks have a great football team, but you don't have time to watch the games, you're too busy saving the whales. You're all about Peace, Love, and Liberty Jane and your clothes show it. Don't forget, math class is cancelled today which means one thing - more time to surf! MHS Forever!

Skiing in Italy means a trip to Cortina D'Ampezzo - the ultra trendy ski destination for celebrities and socialites. The nights are filled with soiree's and hot cocoa. The days are all about the slopes. Of course you fit right in with your Cortina Couture wool bomber jacket and some fun skinny cords.


Shibuya 109 is the fashion hub for Japanese teens. The trends that start here instantly spread across the country. All eyes are on you. Make a statement and stand out in the crowd with this simple yet striking steampunk inspired look.


Outback Libby is on the hunt for Black Opal, the local treasure, way out in the Outback's Lightning Ridge. But looking bad is not an option. Trendy, rugged, feminine, but modest, this fun outfit combines outback style with contemporary fashion. Are you ready for an outback classic? This outfit is for you.