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What You Get When You Join The Design Academy: The Design Academy is our one-month training program that gives you indepth training on how to design doll clothes. The course is delivered through a private online community – Liberty Jane Studios. Through 12 unique chapters, home-work assignments, and teaching videos, you get a full introduction to the topic of doll clothes design.The 4 weeks of intensive design training walk you through several of exercises to refine and develop your design skills. This is not a pattern drafting class, it focuses primarily on the design elements. We do walk you through the process of creating a unique project outfit, which touches on pattern drafting and modification.

Feedback and support: Each week you can complete the coursework on your own, or submit your finished exercises for feedback from Cinnamon and the Liberty Jane Team. They’ll encourage and challenge you to become a terrific designer.

Free Pattern Slopers: As a special bonus for signing up, we’ll give you a set of sloper patterns designed to fit 18 inch American Girl dolls. These are used as a base to create your own original patterns. Available exclusively through the Design Academy Class!

About The Curriculum:

Cinnamon’s Design Academy Guidebook – “12 Layers Of Professional Doll Clothes Design” is the curriculum for the program. It’s packed with in-depth information, beautiful illustrations, and a personal introduction to the material by Cinnamon.


The program cost is $79. (Remember, you also get the free slopers). The class is held on a membership forum site Liberty Jane Studios. It’s fully interective between the instructors and participants. It’s a lot of fun!

Money Back Guarantee:

We know you’ll love the program, but if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, we are happy to provide a 100% money back refund – no questions asked. You can even keep the four patterns you receive, so there is absolutely no reason not to try the program.

Not Interested In The Full Course, But Still Want The Design Academy Book?

The Design Academy book has been published as a full color paperback book on Amazon and is available to purchase separately. So if you don’t want to actually do the design coursework, and complete assignments, no worries. Just buy the guidebook.


Q: Would this be appropriate for homeschool curriculum?
A: This would be perfect as a special course for homeschoolers, however it’s not accredited, or certified in any way. So we don’t know how it would work for ‘credit’ hours for your program. You’ll have to check on that.

Q: Is this based in Seattle, or is it done online?
A: It’s all completed online, so you can work in your jammies. 🙂

Q: Can I sign-up, and get the chapters, but work at my own pace?
A: Sure.

Q: Is this about creating patterns?
A: Nope, it’s about creating effective designs and will focus on actual – physical creating more than drawing.

Q: Do I need any additional software or special computer skills?
A: Nope.

Q: Do the chapters come via webinar, or online course somehow?
A: Nope, just a simple PDF File via email – super easy.

Q: Do I have to submit my completed exercises back to you for review after each chapter?
A: Nope, but if you want feedback, then you can.

Q: Do I have to be a good seamstress?

A: Nope, but you do need to be at least a beginner. We will ask you to actually make things.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at