How to distress your denim – Instructional video

Hi everyone,

If you downloaded our Classic Jeans Pattern, or our Skinny Jeans Pattern, or even our Shorts Pattern, and if you want to distress or destroy them, here is a nice tutorial. This works the same for 18 inch doll clothes as it does adult clothes….

Ps. Don’t forget to download all our free patterns too!

But here are my warnings!!

1) Get Your Parents Permission and supervision if you are using sharp objects, or chemicals. You can seriously hurt yourself!! And, 2) obviously if you do this wrong, you will ruin your clothes. So, it’s best to make a pair of jeans for your doll, using our pattern, then distress them, and if you aren’t happy with how they came out, make a new pair and try again. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Our American Girl Doll wearing a pair of distressed Liberty Jane Jeans:

Our American Girl Doll wearing a pair of destroyed Liberty Jane Jeans:


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