More About Caroline Otto and DollDuds

(A special note from Cinnamon Miles…Hi everyone, We have exciting news to share!! We are thrilled to announce that Caroline Otto has joined us in our mission to offer exceptional patterns for 18 inch dolls.
She will begin publishing her patterns with us on Caroline is the creator of the Dollduds brand. If you’re not familiar with her work, prepare to be impressed. She has wowed her fans with her original designs and classic styles. The first few patterns being published will feature designs she created for the 2009 Project Doll Runway contest, which she won. Her first pattern will go on sale today at You need to buy it!)
Here is more about Caroline and Doll Duds, in her own words…

What an honor! I have been a huge Liberty Jane fan as long as I have loved American Girl. I discovered both nearly two years ago when I bought a Bitty Twin for my niece. I planned on selling the other twin until the dolls arrived and I saw them in person. I fell head-over-heels and I’ve never looked back.

This new hobby took on a whole new dimension when I discovered the superb designs available from the handful of elite entrepreneurial seamstresses online, which, of course, includes Liberty Jane. Greatly inspired, I started designing and sewing for my own collection, which now included an 18 inch AG doll. Instant obsession! My husband and two middle-school-aged boys were wonderfully supportive (another happy surprise) and my friends kept telling me I was really good at this. I kept going and what a joy it has been!

I have loved sewing clothing since I was child. Moving to a smaller scale has been a delight, although I return to regular sized fashions when I volunteer in the costume department at a local university. Photography is another great love of mine and I really enjoy technical (procedural) writing. So creating patterns is the perfect job for me.

My favorite thing about AG dolls is the creativity they bring out in those who love them. Liberty Jane has hugely amplified this for many of us through Cinnamon’s outstanding designs, the wonderful contests, and the coolest patterns ever! The AG world would not be complete without Liberty Jane Clothing.

Thank you Liberty Jane!

Time to get back to work on pattern #2! This is so fun. I hope my patterns will be as fun to use as they have been to make. Enjoy, and keep creating!


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