Tan Moccasins


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Tan Moccasin Flats for 18 inch Dolls: Your Doll loves comfort, right? These cute suede like tan slip on moccasins are perfect for a casual outfit.  You’ll be thrilled with these fun and trendy shoes for 18 inch dolls. These shoes also kit comfortably on Karito Kids Dolls. Imported made in China.

Our Shoe and Boot Guarantee is simple: Lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. (Say what – say what?!). Yep. Doll shoes and boots break pretty frequently if they aren’t good quality. We get that! So we only sell the best. If our boots or shoes ever fail, we will replace them with another pair, (or if we don’t sell them anymore), a similar pair, absolutely free. No questions asked. We will pay for the shipping too. If you want to shop around and find a similar, but probably lesser quality pair of boots or shoes you probably can, but you won’t find this type of guarantee. There is a reason our outfits regularly sell at auction for upwards of $100. It’s insane attention to detail and quality, so you can be insanely happy. We pride ourselves in super high quality in everything we do. And we back it up with our intense commitment to your happiness.

Our Shoe and Boot “Gift Ready” Packaging:

All of our shoes and boots come cutely packaged in Liberty Jane boxes or bags and ready to be given as a gift, just in case you’re buying for someone else and need to work quickly. Your items will be packaged so you can open the USPS box, then just hand the package directly to the lucky recipient. Our brand is iconic and symbolizes trendy, exclusive, amazing designs. It will impress them, you’ll be hugged. Problem solved!

For a complete review of our latest patterns visit www.libertyjanepatterns.com


  1. Oh these shoes are so cute I want to get them

  2. Hi
    I was
    if these will
    be going out of stock
    soon? Also I’m going to get
    them more than likely, and I was
    wondering if you could sign to ColorfulAGz
    cuz that is my user name on YT for an american girl

  3. I have some like that for me. My doll has them too so we match!!

  4. i have some like that for me but not for me doll
    i have kit shes cute

  5. Hey! I was wondering, could you make custom outfits for people, like you do for the contest winners, hopefully nder $50? And also, anyone can answer this one, where could I possibly find plain white AG sized t-shirts for cheap?( Cinnamon, this would be an excellent, and good selling item!)


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