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Ready for some fun patterns? We’ve got 11 free to get you started…You can find Liberty Jane Clothing patterns exclusively on Pixie Faire

We’re excited to be a part odf the site that offers the Internet’s largest selection of 18 inch doll patterns, both free doll clothes patterns, and patterns starting at the low cost of $3.99. We publish our patterns in easy to use pdf guidebooks. Now you can make trendy outfits for your doll quickly and easily. In addition to our large selection of sewing patterns designed to fit 18 inch American Girl Dolls, we are rapidly expanding our selection of patterns to fit a variety of dolls like: Karito Kids, BFC, Ink., A Girl for All Time, Correle Les Cheries, Hearts for Hearts, Kidz n Cats, Blythe, and more. Visit the Pixie Faire Pattern Site Now to explore all the patterns available…

18 inch Doll Clothes patterns Liberty Jane

Here’s a bit of back story on our popular PDF style patterns available for instant download… Back in 2009 we released our very first PDF pattern – Liberty Jane Jeans. After hearing how many people had a hard time understanding store bought black and white text/illustration patterns, Cinnamon worked hard to come up with a style that would be very user friendly. By taking photographs every step of the way and using a very simple writing style, she introduced a new format into the doll clothes pattern market. The community of doll enthusiasts was so excited to make the outfits they’d seen at Libery Jane and many were learning to sew using these patterns, grandma’s were excited to have a tool to use to help teach their granddaughters to sew.

We now have over 100 Liberty Jane Clothing brand patterns available, and are working on new designs all the time. We have also reached out to a large group of independent designers to get their designs into pattern format and available to purchase. Originally we were selling these patterns on our Liberty Jane Patterns website, but as we continued to grow and add new deigners, we realized we needed a platform that treated all the designers equally, one that let each brand build their own reputation and following. Pixie Faire was created just for that purpose.

18 inch doll clothes patterns Melody Valerie Couture

In 2012 we were excited to add Melinda Schlimmer to the LJC team! Melinda is the genious behind the Melody Valerie Couture Brand. Since adding her to the team we have worked together to get the MVC patterns to the market. These patterns are her designs but are done as a collaboration with the LJ team. You can see her patterns on her website and featured on LJ Patterns, but they are available to purchase exclusively thourgh Pixie Faire.

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  1. Flo Davies

    Are there ready made clothes for the BFC Doll? I’m loving the Liberty Jane Logos!
    Both my Grand daughters have them and I’m enrolled in the Design Academy.

    • cinnamon

      No ready made clothes for the BFC… not yet anyway :)

    • How do u make ag doll clothes

      • The_L

        1. Get a sewing machine. If you’re buying a new one, don’t get anything that costs less than $300 or so–it’s cheap junk and won’t hold up. A good sewing machine is worth paying good $$ for.

        2. Buy an AG pattern, or download one of LJC’s free sample patterns.

        3. Get fabrics–about 1/4 yard for a shirt, pants, or skirt, 1/2 yard for a dress. Most patterns work best with cotton knit (the stuff T-shirts are made of–and yes, you can use your old T-shirts if you don’t mind destroying them). Make sure the pattern is small, or it won’t look right on a doll.

        4. Follow the directions in the pattern guidebook. Each article of doll clothing takes about an hour to cut out and sew, and the guidebooks here are really easy to follow.

        5. Add iron-on transfers or iron-on jewels to really make it look snazzy.

  2. americangirl101

    I realy want a sewing machine! I am saving my money but what are good ones and what are prices!!

    could you email or commet them to me?


    • Dear Americangirl101,
      I have been sewing since I can remember – some 30 years or more. I have used several machines in several places including industrial ones, so I feel that I may be qualified to offer you this advise…

      Of all the machines I have used, I like Pfaff the best, but not the cheaper ones made in China as they tend to use lesser quality parts and housing. I love the built in walking foot, which can be easily detached when not needed and the quilting foot was a valuable investment as I use it ALL the time (I rarely use the other feet). The quilting foot has a 1/4″ seam allowance built into it which is the standard seam allowance for doll clothes. I have now had my Pfaff 15 years and have named her Kathryn-Jane! To attest to the quality of this brand (I have a 7570 – now superceded), I have moved her interstate 7 times and she has been in a nasty car accident where the car rolled several times (note, she was in her original box with the original styrofoam packaging and strapped in with the seat belt in the back seat, but still, she didn’t miss a beat)!

      If you really can’t afford a European-made Pfaff, then the Asian Pfaffs are not too bad and Janome is good, but just not as good as Pfaff. I have a top-level Brother which I was really dissapointed with. Buying a pre-loved European-made Pfaff shouldn’t be too much of a gamble if the seller is just upgrading to the latest model as they are so well-made that they shouldn’t have any issues. Ask to see evidence of recent servicing though or get it serviced as soon as you get it in case the casing is full of lint.

      I am in Australia, so I have no idea of American prices or where to buy them over the pond. I recommend you take a visit to your local sewing machine shop. The best shops are the ones which specialise in a particular brand as the sales reps will be fully conversant with each machine and often have a repair/service mechanic on hand or know exactly who to contact. Also, it’s worth taking up on the lessons if these are offered with the sale of the machine.

      I hope this helps you :-) – I just love sewing and I know when you have a great machine, it really adds to the pleasure because a machine that has issues makes the experience really frustrating.

  3. i ordered some clothes from LJC i would like to know when my orders will be shipped and arrival thanks btw please ccheck my You-tube account under pinixey (NO CAPITALIZATION) Please e-mail me so we could chat or something it would be fun! thx!

    The doll lover, pinixey

  4. i want a doll and some clothes
    from here

    • The_L

      Do you think you’ll ever sell a wide doll belt, or instructions for making one? Some of the outfits would look darling with a nice stretchy belt, maybe about 1″ wide.

  5. Where do you find the sweatshirt material that is patterned. I love the hoodie pattern but would love to find cute material like you used.
    Love all your patterns!

    • If you can’t find fabric, think about thrift stores, lot of mind come from from recycle clothes.Got lime green strech denim pants,
      now how mny dolls will get jeans out ot one pair?

  6. when are you making more doll cothing? how old are you and are you maeede

  7. really cute out fits

  8. really cute outfits:]

  9. I love the clothes patters.And my American girl doll looks so cute

  10. Sydney

    do i have to make a video on youtube to enter a contest. also i dont have a facebook or a twitter so what should i do??

  11. Lynn Wilson

    I am trying to view your patterns site and it is saying the site doesn’t exist anymore. I am really wanting to make some pjs and fun clothes for my daughters new doll.

  12. i want to make some outfits but i need some patterns and some idea if have any can you tell me some?

  13. district12

    I really want an ag doll but I have to wait until Christmas
    then I will get your clothing

  14. I love your doll clothing is so cute you know what I have 3 american girls and my aunt is allways buying me new clothes for the 3 dolls your doll oufits are so cute I wish I could have all of your doll clothing and the dolls who ever desings those clothes for girls is very talented so I am just sending this email because I want you to know that who ever does those doll clothing is very very talented

  15. my nieces both have your beautiful american beauty doll. i am wondering is there is a blanket, that
    I can make or buy. thanks.

  16. i would love those clothing how much?

  17. Rosemary Bingenheimer-Rissler

    Love all of your patterns, will order some today and partner with you, please explain it.Have sold AG doll clothes for many years. I like yours andgoing to start a business in it. I am in Az from middle of Jan to mid June. Orland Park, Il CHICAGO SUB. from June to Jan. Do all business n Chgo have tax # also I am retired.My shows have been Arlington Race Track, Chicago Christmas,Sandburg,Rosemont,all area large shows. Open new line Your Patterns by next fall in AZ.Will get tax # and use this internet with any help I can get from you as I have to learn a lot as I only want to sell on internet only. In Az this winter I will find out what I can of what I will need to join as I plan on staying there most of the time.How to take pictures put them on line etc. Working years I had business in alterations andtailoring bridal specials. Have a small home in Scottsdale AZ, condo in Orland Park, Il., sorry very limiting experience on internet, ordering supplies and e-mail only. will arrive in Phoenix 15th of Jan. hope you will send me e-mail and let me know if I can Partner or what ever you offer.or suggest.Website–do not know what it is or how too get.I thank you iin advance for answering me. Rose My cards read DOLL CLOTHES BY ROSE new card miight read PERFECT FIT 4 YOUR DOLL OR A DOLLS PERFECT FIT

  18. Rachel E

    Hi, We just bought our first AG doll last week. Our oldest daughter who has NEVER been into dolls fell in love with AG.
    Now I am looking for clothes and just learned of LJC yesterday.

    Here I am looking to buy…and all I can find are patterns and a website with sold out options.
    Where can I go to buy LJC?? I even checked ebay and there was only a pattern listed.

    If I don’t want to make them myself, I have no idea how to sew, How can I buy clothes from LJC??

    Rachel E

    • Sharon L

      Rachel E,
      Check Etsy. My girlfriend makes dolls for AG to sell and she uses Liberty Jane patterns for much of her clothes.

  19. Rachel E

    By the way, love your name Cinnamon. How did your parents come up with it? We almost named our third daughter Keziah, which was one of Job’s daughters name’s in the bible. Meaning taken from the Cassia tree (cinnamon).
    Which spices were once a sign of wealth and often traded. Anyhow…your name reminds me of Keziah. :-)

    Be blessed!

  20. I don’t want clothes and my disen is pjs

  21. I ment don’t want Saige but ill take her!

  22. Sharon L

    I’m looking for a wedding dress, with a long train, pattern with a long veil. Do you have that?

  23. I can’t find any doll clothes for my daughter do
    You sell doll clothes? Clothes cheep not like
    American girl

  24. I ment for my doll clothes

  25. Omg I love your sight i’m a big no HUGE fan I check your sight like everyday twice a day for any new changes! Oh sorry to be so rude I’m Isabella AKA The best doll in the world! I enter in beauty compitions all the time and for my befor picture i need great outfits so of course I come to you! I recmend this website for all other shopiholics!!!!
    This has been Isabella reporting Out or was it in? IDK

  26. jane (same name)

    these are a muchcheaper way ot get clothing for my american girl doll

  27. Abigail D. Engel

    Do you have a printed magazine that will allow me to see your product as a whole selection of ideas. I am starting a website that makes doll clothes and jewelry. My items will be quality products that you site will want to have connected to your information. I am looking to do networking while working with Liberty Jane. I consider you to be the formative, the best guide available for my products. Please tell me what I need for you to see my products, and pricing guidelines. Working with a company like yours will help both of our business in many differing ways. My phone number is 240-538-5406. My grandchildren and I are so excited with the hopes of being in with a company like yours. Please let me know what I need to do to have my produces approved to be shown on your sites. Again, I am Abigail Engel 2495385406, my address is PO Box 98 Beulaville, NC. I want to do this with my daughters and granddaughters involved as mush as possible. Yeah! We tell everyone about Liberty Jane. You should be a hard print magazine just for the 18 doll. We love them so much. We love all brands, styles, races, etc…. Call me and lets talk.

  28. Grace

    I love making clothes for my dolls but hate my sewing machine, lol. It was a Christmas present and it’s always getting jammed and the bobbin get’s all horrible knots in it. Oh well, I’ll put up with it. I’m making Kirsten’s school dress on the weekend XD

  29. Grace

    What kind of fabric is best for making the clothes? My local fabric store only has linen-type fabrics which though are fine for dresses I was wondering about t-shirts and hoodies.

    • cinnamon

      Hi Grace, A good place to find fabric for tee’s and hoodies is a thrift store or from your own closet (just the outgrown clothes of course!) It’s fun and easy to upcycle those old tees into super cute tee’s, tanks, and hoodies for the dolls!

  30. Does your blue off the shoulder tee come with the tank top?

  31. Hey I want a ag doll because my sister have one in she want me to play with her

  32. I cannot afford an American Girl doll yet, but I have a three cheaper 18 inch dolls called DesignaFriend dolls. They are about the same size as an American Girl, so I have downloaded a LOT of your patterns meant for them. I cannot wait to try them out, and hopefully, soon I will be sewing them for a new American Girl doll!

  33. Melissa

    Do you need a sewing machine for the patterns or can you also do it by hand with a needle and thread?

  34. do any of your patterns fir Tonner Maudlynne Macabe or Little MissMatched?
    Thank you

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